Last week on Sunday August 22nd the sun moved into the sign of Virgo. Here on San Juan Island, we could all feel the shift. The weather has changed and many of the tourists have already left. The arrival of September feels like a welcome relief to the intensity of the summer. Every year at this time, I start to look at my cupboards with a  judgmental eye. Suddenly it "sounds fun" to reorganize my bead collection. No matter how much Virgo you have in you, we are all under the influence to clean it up, make some improvements and get practical.

Virgo can get a bad rap for being critical and overly obsessed with details… but I gotta tell ya, if it wasn’t for my natal Virgo energy I would very likely never get anything thing done! I'm sure many of you are several steps ahead of me and don't need more suggestions, but in honor of Virgo's love of lists, here are a few things to make your inner Virgo happy this season.

Clean it UP!  Virgo season is great for noticing what needs fixing, and then taking immediate action. Loosen the reins on your schedule for the next month so that you have some extra time to get into the zone whenever the inspiration hits.

 PURGE! Virgo is all about purification, so now is the perfect time to clear out whatever is no longer needed. In the back to school spirit, taking a critical eye to your wardrobe is fantastic! To say life has changed a lot in the past year is an understatement! Use that practical Virgo eye to help you decide what really fits into your life as it is now. 

Do something HELPFUL. Virgo is known as the sign of service. They like nothing more than to be USEFUL.  What can you do to be of service to those around you? What skills do you have that could be of assistance? Are you really good with colors? Can you help a friend choose a paint color for the kitchen?  

Last but not least, take it OUTSIDE. People tend to think of Virgos as fussy little people, pencil tucked behind their ear, checklist in hand….but as an earth sign, Virgo’s need connection to nature. Go for a hike, or sit under a tree and notice the perfect imperfection in nature. Leave you phone at home and get outside however you can. 

Virgo Traits

The sign of Virgo- August 22 - September 22 - is all about the pursuit of perfection, skill and service. Virgo peps like to keep things organized and they have an amazing eye for detail. They are known for having high standards and a practical mind.

Virgo Birthstones

These three alternative birthstones are chosen to support, protect and strengthen the best Virgo qualities.

 Zircon Virgo Birthstone Necklace

Zircon is known as Virgo's Talismanic stone, offering protection to the wearer. It delivers feelings of serenity and prosperity, helping to eliminate unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Garnet Virgo Birthstone necklace 

Garnet has powerful grounding qualities, which helps to rejuvenate earthy Virgo. It gives them energy and stamina to achieve their goals.
Carnelian Virgo Birthstone Necklace

Carnelian also has a grounding quality, and helps to eliminate worry and stress, something Virgo can be prone to. Carnelian is known to enhance warmth, creativity and clear communication.

Virgo Birthstone Necklaces
August 30, 2021 — Erin Heydenreich


Tracey Gendron said:

Fabulous!! I DID clean out my absolutely atrociously gross freezer three days ago….that ’ole Virgo Sun made it kind of fun and very satisfying! You should see it now. Wow. :)

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