About me...

Hi! I'm Erin

the one woman show behind Betina Roza Jewelry. Most of you know me from my Booth (Lucky #7!) at the Roche Harbor Artist Village on San Juan Island, WA. When I'm not in my tiny home studio, or in my Summer booth at Roche, I'm spending time dreaming up new ideas in Sayulita, Mexico where I live half the year.

I came to San Juan Island in 2003 to be a marine biologist. For the next 15 years, I worked at the Center for Whale Research, studying the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, all the while making jewelry on the side.

Before I knew it, I had a business..oops! And the rest is history:)

Read more about that whole story here.

This might sound wild, but... what if I told you that every piece of jewelry I make is infused with a unique and luminous energy channeled into a simple, original, wearable piece of art? 

And what if I told you that each piece is actually a co-creation between you and me? I may have never met you and you may have never seen my jewelry, but what if every time a new piece is created, an alchemical reaction is triggered that connects us through the either. Somehow, someway, the precise vibration of energy you are calling in, is exactly the energy that gets infused into the piece I am making and the very same piece you are drawn to?

And what if when you wear that piece, you don't know why, but you seem to feel better? More at ease, more yourself. 

What's new...

Right now I am really excited to bring you these amazing textiles and artisan creations from Mexico. I have lived in Mexico for over 25 years and have been cultivating creative relationships with makers and artists I've met over the years. I love supporting their art, and being able to take part in the design process with them. I hope you love these designs as much as I do....

Some of my favorite past designs...

Where to find me...

My store

Booth #7
Roche Harbor Artist Village
248 Reuben Memorial Dr.
San Juan Island

Open seasonally from
June 23rd to Sept. 4th

Mon - Sun, 10am - 4pm

Stay in touch on on Insta!