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About me

Bright, beachy jewelry for the rare brave soul….

About Me

As women, we often sacrifice ourselves for our families, jobs, and all the expectations both external and internal.

My dream is to inspire and encourage you to know yourself and to connect with your own creative nature.

Maybe you feel it has been lost or overshadowed by life’s demands?

I invite you to find the things that make you feel free to be you. Things that make you feel like your favorite version of yourself.

Let your Betina Roza jewelry serve as an every day reminder to have courage and to be yourself. Be brave. Be you.


Hi! I'm Erin, the one and only woman behind Betina Roza Jewelry.

Until recently, I was a marine biologist. It’s not a joke, I really was! Although I planned my whole life around being a scientist, I couldn’t ignore that the one thing that really made me happy was to make things. I had a creative little person inside me that had been forgotten. 

The more jewelry I made, the more I came to realize that I wanted to create something different than what I was seeing everywhere. I wanted to make jewelry that my friends and I would wear. Jewelry that was both timeless and fresh:  well-made, with quality materials, but also affordable.

Jewelry that’s a little bit beachy, a little bit boho, but also elevated, clean and effortless.

Betina Roza is an eclectic collection of pieces that are casual enough to wear on the beach in Mexico but elegant enough for a cocktail party (do people still have those??). 

Jewelry that is fancy but not polished, light and fluid, for woman who are more than just one thing. 

You can read more about my story here.... 


Most of the time you can find me in my studio on San Juan Island. During the Summer I am usually at my Booth (lucky #7) at the Artist Village at Roche Harbor, maybe that's where we met! (Click here for more about the Artist Village)

Occasionally I can be found at the Friday Harbor Farmers Market as well. When it starts to get cold, I have a tendency to fly south to Sayulita (Click here to see my Casita!) where I spend most of my winters. No matter where I am, you can always find me here at :)

Feel free to get in touch!


The Original Shell Necklace

Everything you see here is handmade by me in my tiny home studio on San Juan Island in Washington State. I use the best raw materials I can find, and test every design to be sure that it is both wearable and durable.

You can read more about the materials I use here....

I believe so much in my process that I guarantee my pieces. If anything breaks or gets damaged, I will fix it.How awesome is that?!?

The best way to take advantage of this awesome perk, is to sign up for the Betina Roza Insiders, and your jewelry is cared for life. 

Click here to learn more...

I strive to create pieces that are timeless and well made, not trendy or disposable: that will stick with you through all the changes, and all the beautiful versions of you.