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If you had the chance to visit me at my Roche Harbor Booth over the last few summers, you likely would have sampled some of Boathouse Mercantile's the fantastic fragrances, like the cult fave San Juan Summer. You may have also had the pleasure of meeting Winnie, who creates all these in her home studio, on the island.  Winnie and I have been teaming up for all kinds of creative endeavors over the years, and both her art and signature scents have made a beautiful addition to (Lucky;) Booth #7.

Me and Winnie at her Friday Harbor Art Studio

Winnie and I are at it again this Holiday Season, we've joined forces to create a Special, Limited Edition San Juan Gift Set. We think you're gonna love it! Plus it comes already wrapped up, super cute, and ready for giving.

Check it out!

San Juan Special Edition Gift Set

Each box comes with one Boathouse Mercantile Scent of your choice. Scroll down to read all about he scents!

AND a limited edition Gold Stripe Beaded Heart, in either Winter White or Solstice Blue. These hearts are super special! The gold stripe is made with actual 14K gold filled beads, which means they will never lose their lustre.

These holiday hearts, are only available in the gift set, and they are limited in quantity, so be sure to shop early!

Last but not least, each box comes with a genuine selenite wand. We keep these on hand at our summer booth for clearing the energy and fostering a peaceful, calm space.

Gift boxes are available starting Thursday November 18!

All about the scents.......

  • SAN JUAN SUMMER eau de toilette is as fresh and summery as we could possibly muster and cram into a bottle, plus citrus notes. Together with pine and sunshine, SJS offers a fresh blast of YES! …a scent moment to remind you of the islands in summer. A day or night scent for men and women, San Juan Summer is rich in memories of sun, sea, and quiet allure that mingle in sparkly Salish Sea whitecaps. Warm “sun on skin” informs all of the notes.

  • MY FAVE SWEATER will transport you into a quintessentially warm, tea+books+fireplace-in-super-chill-weather setting, reminiscent of the cozy of “drawing inward”. The front offers a sweet blast of cardamom, citrus and spice, drying down to gentle vanilla, sandalwood and amber-y sweetness. 

  • WILD ALOOF REBEL eau de toilette is a unique, quietly alluring, oud and amber-ish scent for men and women. Rich in gentleness and mystery, WILD ALOOF REBEL mixes the smoke in black agarwood with pine, labdanum, and a sweet bit of vanilla. Its benzoin friends mingle with a few sparkly tops. Mystery and warmth inform all of the notes. We are Schitt’s Creek fans, some of you may recall David’s shirt later in the show, which read WILD.ALOOF.REBEL!

  • I AWOKE ONE DAY AS IF CHANGED opens with a Bergamot/Citrus lift, moves through a bunch of dense growing woods, into a musky, sweet dry-down (and a little bit of mossy earth because I’m a PNWesterner at heart). Anyone can wear this subtle, powdery scent – every month of any year. Maybe it will make us better people, spiritual and sophisticated.

Find more at boathousemercantile.com

Gift boxes will be limited in quantity, so be sure to shop early on the 18th!

November 02, 2021 — Erin Heydenreich


Mary Ann Dalpes said:

What is the price on the gift set? It looks great!

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