Not only does Cancer season mark the beginning of official summer, it’s also an essential energetic downshift from high energy Gemini. Cancer’s low-key, just-wanna-stay-home vibes are a welcome slow-down after the intensity of spring.  Cancer energy makes you attentive to your most basic needs and of those close to you. Doing things like revamping your space with plants and flowers, or inviting your neighbors over for dinner make
your inner Cancer happy. 

Give yourself permission to slow down and nurture yourself.
The Zodiac cycle repeats itself with the same pattern of elements:
Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

When the sun lands in a water sign, it signals the end of a cycle within a cycle, meaning time to rest and reflect. Water energy is reflective, flowing, emotional and dreamy. It needs time to retreat and replenish. Water seasons are often a time when something is gestating under the surface, getting ready to reveal itself as a spark, when the cycle turns to fire.  

 Cancer Traits

The sign of Cancer-June 21-July 22- is all about feelings, emotions and caring for others. Cancer peps are sensitive and nurturing. They are known for being warm, caring, and empathetic. Cancer’s receptive nature can make them sensitive, and prone to hurt feelings.

Cancer Birthstones

These three alternative birthstones are chosen to support, protect and strengthen the best Cancer qualities.

Peach Moonstone- Cancer Birthstone Necklace

Moonstone is connected to the moon which is the planetary ruler of Cancer. Moonstone connects us to our emotions and intuition. As a water signs, Cancers and are known for their sensitive and deep emotions, moonstone promotes calm and balance, easing stress and release of negativity.

Chalcedony- Cancer Birthstone Necklace

Chalcedony is known for its ability to restore harmony. It absorbs and dissipates negative emotions and thoughts. This makes it a powerful protective stone for sensitive Cancers. It reinforces their nurturing qualities, while also lending strength.

Red Agate Cancer Birthstone Necklace

Rubies are a traditional stone for Cancer, encouraging them to be strong and courageous.  Red agate can be used as a less costly alternative to rubies.  Agates help to balance and harmonize the mind and body. Red agate has a calming effect, healing anger and inner tension, creating a sense of safety and wellbeing.

June 29, 2021 — Erin Heydenreich

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