Happy Spring Equinox!

I've just returned from an amazing movement and meditation retreat here in Mexico.
I was invited to weave my growing astrology knowledge into the fabric of the retreat, and for the closing ceremony, I wrote a bit about the energies of the full moon and the Equinox happening just a few days apart.
I thought I'd take my own advice for once and share this part of myself with all of you!

Writing the final ceremony at the meditation retreat 
Me sitting in the morning to make write these words
for the closing ceremony at the meditation retreat:)

The Equinox is one of four cardinal turning points in the year that mark the beginning of a new season. This year the equinox happened just a few days after the full Moon in Virgo which is not too common! 

Both the full moon and the equinox represent a moment of balance in the cycle, a shift from light to dark, and dark to light. The full moon is the peek of the lunar cycle, when the sun and moon are exactly opposite one another, and the moon is fully illuminated. The equinox illustrates a similar tipping point when day and night, light and dark are equal. Both point to a moment of stillness and equilibrium, in the midst of change.  As they say in Astrology, as above, so below, meaning what's happening in the heavens is happening within ourselves. With that in mind how can we apply this moment of balance in change to our lives?  

 moonset on the last day of the retreat
Full moonset on the last morning of the retreat.

When we want to stay centered and in motion, we have to adjust. We may have to set something down, or pick something up, move ourselves in a different way to keep the balance. The full moon is always showing us exactly where we are. The moon represents our inner, emotional selves, and under the full light of the sun, everything is revealed, showing us clearly and brightly what needs to go and what needs to stay. The Equinox asks a similar question, what do you allow to grow with the increasing light and what do you discard and leave to compost in the darkness.

Sunrise on the Full Moon

As part of a larger planetary cycle, these questions are magnified right now with both Jupiter and Neptune on their own sign of Pisces. The Virgo full moon on the 18th was opposing these planets as well as the sun. Neptune symbolizes loss, letting go, and return to the whole. Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion and the need for confidence in yourself and in life.

Again the question is what do I release, and what do I claim?

This is a rare opportunity, Neptune and Jupiter have not been together in Pisces since 1856. These planets are big and their energies are bigger in their home sign. So the invitation is to go big: let go of big and claim big. Let go of grief, loss, delusions and mechanisms of escape or numbing. Jupiter asks how you have been underestimating yourself, so what can you claim that is yours? See where you have sold yourself short and allow that part to grow.
Ask yourself what feels joyful and expansive and amplify that.


Xinalani, Quimixto

We are officially in Aries Season!

The sign of Aries- March 20-April 19- is all about courage, action and individual will. Aries peps are enthusiastic, they like to be in charge and get things done. They are not afraid of a challenge, and in fact they tend to seek out situations that will evoke their innate courage.

Topaz is a lucky gemstone for Aries. Topaz helps to increase the wearer’s physical strength and boost Aries natural vitality. It is even known protect them from injuries, something Aries are prone to!

Carnelian holds a vibration of creativity, vitality and manifestation. It’s known for increasing motivation and endurance, as well as promoting inner joy and vitality. All powerful and important traits for the first sign of the Zodiac. 

Aquamarine helps Aries find clarity by letting go of cloudy emotions. Aquamarine is a stone strong communication that will help fiery Aries clear their thoughts and soothe their energy so that they can better execute their plans and desires.

March 20, 2022 — Erin Heydenreich

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