It’s August. At least for a few more days....Things are naturally slowing now that we are on the downhill side of summer solstice. 

You can feel it in the air here on the island, and see it on everyone’s faces. It’s like we are all coming down after an all-night party. Still hanging in there, but clearly ready for a nap.

I am always curious if this is just an Island thing, as we are all immersed in seasonal aspect of living in a tourist destination.

But I sense from my friends out there in the rest of the world that its universal.
How’s your energy right now, feeling ready for fall?
As for me, the words “slow down” have taken on a whole new meaning. Three weeks ago, exactly one hour after the new moon in Leo was exact! I broke my leg. I have never had to downshift so hard, so fast.
But I will say, being forced to slow down in this way has offered me a perspective I would never have seen otherwise.

I can now see how much I was doing, how much everyone around me is doing, and how everywhere I look it seems we really value doing.

I get it. There is a lot to do. Get up, meditate, journal, yoga, work out, feed yourself, feed your people, work, hustle, post to social media, clean your house, get your car fixed, see your friends, pay your bills, self-care, pets, kids, relationships, family…. make plans, change plans…. All these things don’t do themselves. You do them. We all have sooo much to do, all the time.

Summer on San Juan Island

I recently listened to a podcast about how to get more done in a day and at the same time feel less overwhelmed by everything you need to get done. Hmmm? Before I broke my leg, I would have taken tons of notes and been like “ok! I am gonna get up even earlier and fit more into my day so I can get MORE done!”
But in my current state, I can hardly do anything. So instead, what I was left with was a feeling of why??
Why are we all trying to do so much?

Why is there so much doing and not much being?

I don’t have any answers. Just a shifted perspective that I wanted to share.

Summer on San Juan Island

I am the kind of person who believes that things happen for a reason, and that accidents like the one I had are telling me something I need to hear.

I can’t see the big picture yet, but I hear the message.
Slow down. Stop. Reflect.

I guess what I am really offering is an invitation to do the same.
Don’t break your leg!

But maybe take one day, hour, minute, to pretend you can’t DO anything.

How does it feel?

Summer on San Juan Island

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August 26, 2019 — Erin Heydenreich

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