Seems like we hear the phrase "self care" so much these days, that it's lost all of it's meaning! Often times I see something that is promoted as "self care", giving it the mystique of indulgent luxury, when it fact it's just simply the routine things we all do to take care of ourselves. Every day actions, like washing your face and putting on a cream, lotion or serum have become like acts of defiance against a world that wants you to always put yourself last. I'm not really arguing with that per se, but for me anyway, a lot the "self care" part comes in the form of carefully and intentionally choosing the products I use, the foods I eat and the pretty things I like to wear. 

I feel beyond lucky every day on San Juan Island, because my friends and neighbors grow most of the food I eat, and my fellow Island creatives fill my home and wardrobe with their beautiful things!

For several years now I have been using the products made by my friend Maggie of Glowing Goddess Natural Skin Care.
Not only are all her products all natural and locally made, many of her ingredients are grown in her own garden! She takes such care in her work and puts so much intention into every little detail.
Each bottle of her signature Emerald Facial oil has a little crystal or stone inside that was bathed in moonlight! Seriously!

Like so many other one woman business owners I know, she has been working hard to find time to get her amazing products out into the world. She just recently launched her very first website, and I would love nothing more than to share it with you. I've been selling Maggie's amazing facial oils out of my Roche Harbor Booth for a few years now, but now that you can shop from her directly, let's get you hooked!

In honor of the month of love, we are offering a super deal on Maggie's Facial Oil and Gua Sha kits. Each purchase comes with a complimentary Glowing Goddess Lip balm as well as a special discount code for any item on her website! I know Valentine's day is all about expressing your love for others, but hopefully you saved a little love for yourself too. 
We invite you to Attend to you this month with the Glowing Goddess Emerald oil Facial Gua Sha kits.

You will feel indulgent and luxurious indeed.


February 14, 2023 — Erin Heydenreich

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