The last week was a hard one, still is hard. I admit, I sort of shut down towards the end and went inward. Not trying to hide, but just needing to hear what my own voice was telling me. Can anyone else relate?

I don't know if I have ever really said why I am here, why I make jewelry in the first place (which is funny since this is my business!). Not that any of this is about me...but if there is one thing I do stand for is change, and being brave enough to really be YOU. Both of which are very relevant right now.

▶︎You can read the story of the years I spent resisting both change and courage before I allowed myself to become a full time jewelry designer HERE

Change is inevitable, and it's often good and mostly better than what was before... when you don't resist it. But it takes courage to face the unknown, and to admit where you have gone wrong or made mistakes. It's hard to look at yourself and the world with clarity. It's frequently ugly up close! We often have to see the ugly to know the beauty. 

I believe that changes in racial inequality, racial injustice, and all the ugly things that go along with it, are long overdue. And I fully admit to complacency...what have I really done to help? Honestly, nothing. But I am making a commitment to actively change that. The system that benefits people like me and oppresses everyone else is horribly unfair! And that just sucks!

Gandhi Quote

I love this quote, and I believe that what Gandhi said goes for individuals as well; character is measured by how we treat all people, but especially those who do not share the privileges we ourselves have. 

If you are white like me, you probably feel bombarded by information on what to do, and how to make a difference. I know, it's overwhelming. But I just spent two hours on a group call with all the designers in my jewelry maker community, and actually the steps were simple:

commitment, stamina and growth = change.

The facilitator was Jocelyn J. Kopac, an antiracism educator, and she has some amazing resources on her website:

I highly recommend checking her out.

Here on San Juan Island, a few friends and islanders have formed a group to read and discuss and educate ourselves on antiracism, how to be an ally and how to process all the difficult emotions we are feeling. Honestly, to me that feels like a very solid first step: find out what I don't know, start where I am, and then keep going. 

I am doing my best. Saying nothing and returning to regular programing doesn't feel right. If you have suggestions or thoughts for me, I am all ears! Leave a comment or send me a message and tell me what you think, what or how you are doing, and how I might do better in my messaging, my content or my efforts to combat racism.


June 09, 2020 — Erin Heydenreich

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