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Permanent Jewelry, coming soon!

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Permanent Jewelry, coming soon!
What is permanent jewelry you ask? I actually prefer to call it infinity jewelry, because it's not as permanent as it sounds! What it is is a relatively thin chain or bangle that gets welded closed around your wrist, ankle, neck or finger to create a seamless piece of jewelry that has no clasp and you can keep on as long as you want! 
A fancy tool called a micro welder is used to create a very accurate and small weld using electricity. It just takes a second to weld a chain link closed, around your wrist for example, and it's totally safe and painless:)

It's become a popular thing in the last few years, and here's why!

      1- There's no clasp to potentially break or snag on your favorite sweater!
              2- The seamless nature of permanent jewelry not only gives it a sophisticated vibe, but like a wedding ring, it represents infinity. 
                3- You never have to take it off! Most people like to put on their favorite jewelry and wear it every day, this makes that a no brainer ; )


I'll be booking appointments this spring when I get back to the Island!
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Here's what it looks like!

Fancy right?
Here's me doing my very first weld! I look scared don't I!?

Close up!
I even managed to weld one onto myself!
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