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Four ways to honor your inner Virgo this season

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Four ways to honor your inner Virgo this season

This morning I was making my coffee, as I always do, religiously. And I noticed some crud behind the knob on the stove- gross I know, but you know what I am talking about! I popped off the knob, cleaned it, put it back. Now the one next to it looked dirty….hurumph….next thing I know I have detailed the entire stove BEFORE I even drank my coffee!
This is the essence of Virgo season. Notice a detail, take immediate action to improve it, and get sucked in to the overwhelming pull of meticulousness.

Every year around the 22nd of August (last Saturday) we enter the sign of Virgo. Typically, this coincides perfectly with going back to school, and even if you don’t have kids you can still feel that “time to get your shit together” energy:) No matter who you are, or how much Virgo you have in you, we are all under the influence to clean it up, make some improvements and get practical. 

Virgo can get a bad rap for being critical and overly obsessed with details… but I gotta tell ya, if it wasn’t for all my 6th house planets (6th house is ruled by Virgo!) I would very likely never get a damn thing done! So here are a few ways to make your inner Virgo happy this season:

1- Clean it UP! Take my stove situation as inspiration! Virgo season is great for noticing what needs fixing and then taking immediate action. Loosen the reins on your schedule for the next month so that you have some extra time to get into the zone whenever the inspiration hits.

2- PURGE! Virgo is all about purification, so now is the perfect time to clear out whatever is no longer needed. In the back to school spirit, taking a critical eye to your wardrobe is fantastic! Remember how amazing it felt to get new clothes for the new school year?? It was like you could re-invent yourself into a totally new person! This year my friend and I have teamed up to help each-other do a closet audit and decide what stays and what goes. 

Pro tip! Find your most Virgo-like friend to help you with this. You can even do it via ZOOM!

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PS- Virgo loves simplicity! Check out these simple, practical

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 3- Do something helpful. Virgo is known as the sign of service. They like nothing more than to be USEFUL. The kind of service Virgo likes to offer is very practical and material. What can you do to be of service to those around you? Help a friend move some stuff, rearrange their living room, or offer to assist them in picking out paint colors for their bedroom. These are the kinds of things that are highly pleasing to your inner Virgo.

4- Last but not least, take it outside. People tend to think of Virgos as fussy little people with a pencil tucked behind their ear and checklist in hand….but as an Earth sign, Virgo’s need connection to the wild. Simply go for a hike, or sit under a tree and notice the perfect imperfection in nature. Leave you phone at home and get outside however you can. Not only does this feed your inner earthy Virgo, it’s grounding and calming which is crucial in this Mercury (Mental) ruled season. All those projects and lists created from suggestions above are just ideas until you literally ground them into the material. That means you also, must also be grounded :)

Sosie Chevron Necklace

Sosie Chevron Necklace

I’d love to hear how Virgo season is treating you! My big Virgo goal/idea is to write about the changing Zodiac seasons every month! I don’t know if I have admitted this yet…but I confess, I am a closet astrologer.  

If that’s the kind of thing you are into also, shoot me a message and let me know!

Happy Virgo Season!


Sosie Chevron Necklace

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